I think the first time I became aware that Greta Garbo had appeared in cartoons was while watching “The CooCoo Nut Grove”. I wasn’t too impressed with this cartoon until a caricature of John Barrymore appeared. Then, he sat down, and I was even happier when I noticed the frowning woman sitting with him. I remember my excited thoughts. “HEY! That’s GRETA GARBO! And they put her next to John Barrymore because they were in “Grand Hotel” together. That is SO ADORABLE! God bless the animators!”

Since then, I’ve had the same reaction every time I see Garbo in a cartoon. I love the irony of this woman who was so intense and serious being turned into a cartoon character.

Below is my inventory of cartoons that feature an animated version of Greta Garbo. Most are from Disney and Warner Brothers, with the exception of one by Walter Lantz animation (home of ‘Woody the Woodpecker’). That studio created ‘Oswald The Lucky Rabbit’, who is the main character in 1933’s “The Merry Old Soul”.

“Mickey’s Gala Premier” (1933)

“I’ve Got To Sing A Torch Song” (1933)

“The Merry Old Soul” (1933)

“The CooCoo Nut Grove” (1936)

“Thru the Mirror” (1936)

“Mickey’s Polo Team” (1936)

“Mother Goose Goes Hollywood” (1938)

“Hollywood Steps Out” (1941)

“Fields of Honey” (1990)


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