Garbo & Siskel & Ebert

“Siskel & Ebert” (1975-1998) was an American television program hosted by film critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert. Every week, they discussed and reviewed movies. Most of the time, their conversations were about new releases. Sometimes they would focus on Old Hollywood films or people for special episodes, memorial tributes to recently deceased stars, or home video releases.

The critics talked about Greta Garbo in 1990, a few days after she died. Videos of their segment about her are at the bottom of this page. They reveal the ending of “Camille”, so if you haven’t seen that movie and were planning to watch it, I suggest doing so before watching the video. On a personal note, I love how Siskel & Ebert refer to “Ninotchka” as Greta Garbo’s “one comedy”, completely ignoring “Two-Faced Woman”. I think everyone should to that.

I’m providing two versions of the Siskel & Ebert Garbo segment. One has subtitles. I made them because the audio is difficult to hear at times. You can also follow the video without subtitles more easily by reading a transcript that I typed up and posted here.

Above: Siskel & Ebert Greta Garbo tribute (without subtitles)

Above: Siskel & Ebert Greta Garbo tribute (with subtitles)

Source: Siskel & Ebert dot org


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