How Long Will It Last?

One of the easiest ways for an actress to win my heart is through song. I got hooked on Marlene Dietrich from the moment her rendition of “Falling in Love Again” met my eyes in “The Blue Angel”. I wanted to watch every Ginger Rogers movie I could find after “Gold Diggers of 1933” started with her performance of “We’re in the Money”. Jean Arthur captivated me for the first time belting out “The Iowa State Song” in “A Foreign Affair”. Now I’ve got a new perspective on Joan Crawford. As with those other women, it was inspired by a good performance that includes memorable singing.

In “Possessed”, Joan Crawford and Clark Gable are a beautiful couple. Gable is a perfect screen partner for any actress. Crawford’s performance is by far my favourite I’ve seen from her. She’s daring, brutally honest, and like many great movie heroines, willing to bravely make a painful, selfless sacrifice out of love. On top of all that, she sings an unforgettable love song in THREE languages!

This is something I love about classic Hollywood. The stars made so many movies that even after I’ve been unimpressed by several, I can never be completely sure that my feelings towards them won’t change. How long will my new affection for Miss Crawford last? I don’t know. I’ve learned from it that one can never count these actresses out. There’s always a chance they’ll surprise you.


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